Vickie Starxxx

January 24, 2017

Actress in this video: Vickie Starxxx

The Butt XXX

February 23, 2015

I'm gonna be pretty honest now: So far, all I've been doing here is posting and sharing 3rd parties productions, but I look forward to produce my own stuff. And when I start to produce then, I'm so willing to hire this lady for a scene. She is so rare and unique, I must have this lady in my productions!

Please, support me! Help me to achieve this goal! So far I have only one adult production, support me by affording a video for downloading HERE

I let this post comments section open, because I do want to your feedback for this.

Actress: The Butt XXX


I'm totally willing to fuck a woman like this one day

Actress: ???

(Advice: mute the video because the music is so annoying and redundant)
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Lea (from

February 22, 2015

Black lady with bright aureolas. That's RARE!!!

Actress: Lea (BlackSensations)

Chanel Staxxx – Phatty Girls 10

July 1, 2014
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Jamia Twerking

(I like the soap marks she left on the glass when she was hitting it with her ass in the shower)

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