June 26, 2010

Before we start, we have some things to make clear.
Info about our videos
Our videos have the sole purpose to entertain those who have an unusual sense of humor, sexual fantasy, or fetish. Videos and pictures are separated into two categories: "Traditional Porn" and "fake but fun" In both categories, especially in "fake but fun", the videos are produced by professionals and specialists in visual effects. So we ask you NOT to try or reproduce any scenes from our insane videos at home! In the videos some actions may look fun and pleasant, but in real life they may hurt and infect you for good! Don't play with your health and life! All the models are ALWAYS 18 years old and over. No matter how younger they may look like, they ARE 18 years old and over. Sorry if putting things like this may ruin your fantasies, but we HAVE to!
Info about our downloads
Our sales:
Our sales for now is through 'paid downloads', and payment are by PayPal only. You select the download item, add it to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout Once you submit the checkout, you'll receive a code sent to your e-mail adress, and that's the key for downloading. The download engine we are using is from a third party, and we couldn't find information about how long this 'key code' lasts before expiry. What we do know is how many attempts the customer has, and we set it to "9". We will NOT refund you, and that's the reason we offer previews, screenshots, and accurate details about the download item. so MAKE SURE that it is what you want before downloading. The exception is when you have some problems with formulary, internet browser or internet connection making you or the system to mistakenly charge twice or more for the same product or download item. So whenever we see 2 payments order for the same product, 1 right after the other. we automatically refund you.
About problem with videos:
we encode the previews of the videos with the same file extension and codec. so if you can play the free preview, you'll can play the paid video. so there's no excuse to complain about not being able to see the video.
Why "paypal only"?
We are installed in a country which laws and taxes don't help that much to a person or company to have an internet business. So it's the most convenient way of payment for an internet based business. So that's how we go for now.
Thank you for your support and UNDERSTANDING!
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