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May 19, 2010

This website is a place for gathering all the Aos’ projects and work

Aos is an artist who has been working as an illustrator since 1999. His style is basically “women stronger than men”. sometimes they look like common women, but sometimes we can clearly see that their bodies are bigger, stronger, healthier, etc.

keeping this style, Aos started to create a lot of ‘worlds’ with a lot of new ‘human races’ for all these years, but Aos wasn’t that good at speaking and writing english in the beginning. so all we had were illustrations without stories about these worlds. But now, after eleven years, Aos who has found himself ready to tell these stories.

Besides the improved english, Aos is now also taking pictures and producing videos, so now we will have Aos stories as drafts, illustrations, 3D animation, pictures and footage!!!

as Aos has been working as a “fantasy printer”, once he illustrated a lot of stories from customers deepest fetish or sexual dreams, today he considers himself a “fetish wishmaster”, and his variety of characters attend a wide variety of sexual desires from people who simply can’t find what they are looking for in this world.

so these characters and worlds may be compared to ‘themes’ or ‘styles’.

meet the worlds:

AOSLand (1992) – the Aos’ main story. a work for the public who like women dominating, overtaking, beating or humiliating men.

Rapists hell (2001) – a place where all the rapists go. the Aos’ work for those who like she-males, dickgirls and similar.

LJT (2005) – the Aos’ work for the gay audience.

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