About “Aos’ style”

June 26, 2010

if we had to summarize Aos' style in a single sentence, it would be: "it's all about women stronger than men"

Aos is 'exaggerated', so he illustrates exaggerated proportions. like giants, huge bodyparts, etc... and also creates exaggerate contexts with the purpose to point out the fact one character is more powerful or stronger than another.

subjects he likes:

women humiliating men
girls humiliating men
girls humiliating boys
women humiliating women (in this case is when a 'queen' is competing to another 'queen' to measure their powers)
women or girls beating men
women or girls eating men (or sucking their energy)
women or girls destroying things (like houses or cars with bare hands and feet)

humiliation would be:

forcing the oponent to suck her lowests parts in public, or in front of his wife (when it's a man) or in front of her followers or slaves (when it's a woman) if they are really pissed off, they force the oponent to drink or eat her fluilds in the same situations described previously.
to bow down and to bend over "are for weak", so usually the powerful women and girls from AOSLand usually receive oral sex on her feet. inferior beings are the ones supposed to kneel and please the powerful beings. some of these superwomen are too radical, and refuse to have sex in doggy position. they only fuck on top, and lead in the sexual act.
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